Picking the Right B2B Copywriter for Your Next Project

Decision signThe spiking demand for well-crafted content means many companies will end up working with a freelancer at some point.

If you are the lucky soul in charge of choosing, you have a big task ahead of you. Especially if you don't already know a few people who could do the job well.

Perhaps you begin with one of  the big job boards such as elance.com. Or maybe you just do a quick google search to see who's out there. Either way, you're likely to be overwhelmed with choices and promises.

Here's a few ways to help sort through the noise.

Look for Writing Ability

You are hiring this person to write, so evaluate their writing skills. Is there a website? How well is it written? Blog posts? Samples? Emails? You don't necessarily need to see a sample of the exact type of project you want them to work on for this evaluation.

Samples that are similar in tone and content will give you a sense of whether the copywriter has the skills you need. For example, if you are looking for someone to do a case study and the writer doesn't have a case study sample, ask if he's done any articles or interviews.

Look for Process

What is the copywriter's process for completing projects? If she doesn't mention a process, ask about it. The process doesn't have to be formally documented, but the writer should be able to tell you how she manages the standard steps most copywriting projects go through.

If you get a response that makes you feel like she's winging it, run away. Far away. You want a partner who will do their part to keep things on track, not someone you have to educate on basic project management.

Look for B2B Experience

Does the copywriter you are considering have B2B experience? While I'll agree this isn't non-negotiable, it helps. B2B copy has to address both business needs and individual buyer needs. Certain kinds of projects, such as white papers and website projects, can be complex.

Writers who have backgrounds working with (or for) B2B companies can capitalize on that experience in your behalf. If he has experience in your specific industry and/or project, that's even better.

Look for Value

What else does the copywriter bring to the table besides writing skills? Industry and project experience may provide the benefit of someone who's compelted many successful projects like yours. Marketing skills may mean that you receive the benefit of someone who can not only complete the project, but also see how the project fits into the larger picture.

Are you looking for someone who can provide additional ideas and suggestions, or do you really want just an order taker? Consider what will bring the most value to your situation and add that to your list.

What do you think? What is the most important consideration when choosing a B2B copywriter?

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