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K’s Top Five for the Week – February 20

This week has been another busy one in the world of marketing. Of course, you’ve probably seen the big SEO story about JC Penney engaging in black hat tactics.

But all of the posts around that story weren’t the only interesting things happening.

This week’s roundup includes an article about qualifying online leads, contagious content, and how to make your company blog connect like a personal blog.

There’s also advice on how to know when your marketing needs a makeover and how build a great sales-win story.


How Do You Qualify Leads Generated by B2B Marketing Online via @b2cmktginsider How do you engage with your prospects online? Do you make it easy to qualify them as leads? Here’s a hint: if you’re only asking for a name and email address the answer is no. This article has some advice about the right questions to ask if you’re going to ...


2 Parts of a Case Study You Should Never Skip

You already know case studies are marketing gold. In fact, Eccolo’s recent survey of technology buyers and influencers showed nearly 80 percent of respondents said case studies were moderately to extremely influential in their buying decision.

Now you’re ready to start preparing for next year by getting some new case studies for your company.

That’s great!

But before you schedule those client interviews, make sure your questions cover these two critical components of any good case study.

The Problem Solving Process All case studies talk about the problems a client had before the hero of the story swoops in to make life easier and more profitable.

And that’s good.

It’s the part of the story where you hope the reader starts to see themselves so they’ll identify with the client and wonder if your company can do similar things for them.

Unfortunately, too many case studies stop with ...


3 Ways to Get the Most from Case Studies

What’s one of the most valuable pieces of collateral you can have in your B2B marketing toolkit?

Case studies. Customer stories. Success stories.

Whatever you like to call them, they’re marketing gold. And survey after survey shows customers value them. Take Eccolo’s recent survey of technology buyers and influencers. Nearly 80 percent of respondents said case studies were moderately to extremely influential in their decision.

And getting your customers to talk about their experience with you not only influences prospects to do business with you, it can even trim the sales cycle.

Since case studies are so valuable, you want to make sure and get the most impact you can. Here’s three ideas on how to do exactly that.

#1: Be Strategic

In the excitement of getting a customer who’s interested in doing a case study, it’s easy to forget to be strategic. But just like any ...