Website Copywriting that Drives Traffic and Sales

What makes effective online copywriting varies from company to company, but it all starts in the same place -- with your prospects.

Starting with your prospects allows you to design a content-driven and prospect-centric website that gives prospects what they want and you the business results you need.

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Effective B2B Websites Start with Prospects

What search terms will prospects use to find the products or services you sell?

Make no mistake about it, B2B prospects are turning to search engines to help them with their due diligence. And they are starting early. A 2007 survey by Enquiro found that over 60 percent of buyers begin research with a general search -- overwhelmingly on Google. If you miss out on prospect awareness through lack of online presence, it may be tough to capture it later in the sales cycle.

What types of information are prospects looking for when they get to your site?

Prospects rely on vendor websites to give them the information they need to complete their research and make a purchasing decision. Keep your site structure simple and tailored to the content buyers are looking for. This includes things like pricing, technical specifications, and support information. Media-rich sites are good, but won't substitute for solid information that prospects can easily distribute in their organizations to help make a buying decision.

What actions would you like prospects to take once they arrive at your site?

Be clear about what business objectives you are trying to achieve with your website. Know what you want prospects to do on each page, whether it is to click to the next page, download information or make a purchase. Then ask them to do it, and make it easy for them to accomplish it.

B2B Online Copywriting and SEO Services

My online copywriting and SEO services include:

  • SEO Copywriting -- incorporating your targeted keywords, revising title and meta tags, creating website copy that drives prospects to take action
  • Keyword Research -- determining a list of targeted search terms to help qualified prospects find you when they search
  • Website Reviews -- reviewing existing online copy to identify areas for improving your business results
  • Blogging and Social Media -- working with you to create blog strategy and content or figuring out how to position your company on social media sites

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