Marketing Books

These books are the ones I would recommend to anyone interested in getting more from their marketing program. They'll also give you an idea of my approach and philosophy.

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Content Rules

Content Marketing is where it's at, but building great content can be intimidating. This amazing book gives excellent tactics on how to improve your content so it stands out in the market.

Inbound Marketing

From the creators of, this is a great book that clearly explains how to build a site that brings prospects to you.

New Rules of Marketing and PR

An amazing read that contains case studies and actionable ideas on how to leverage the power of the web to build connections with your prospects.

eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

If you want to influence B2B buyers, tell a compelling story about your products and services, and shepherd prospects through the sales cycle, then this is the book for you.


Writing for the web isn't the same as pulling brochure copy and populating your site. In this book Nick shows you how to create high-impact website copy that converts visitors to buyers.

Get Content, Get Customers

In today's market, companies must act like publishers. This book shows you how to create the content customers are looking for and want from their vendors.