Who Should Blog for Your Company?

Today's post from the Chamber of Commerce features advice on how to decide who should be the voice for your company's blog.

BlogSo you have decided that it is a smart move for your company to have a business blog. As previous blog posts have discussed, it’s important to have quality content and frequent blog posts in order to gain a following. But the question is, who should be the one who writes those posts?

There are quite a few options as far as possible writers for a business blog. Here are some ideas on who to designate:

Business owner/CEO – many companies choose to have their owner or chief operating officer write the content for their blog. This can be a great idea because often this person has the most insight into the company and how day to day operations work. Hearing often from the head of a company can make readers feel connected. The only potential downside is that as an owner or CEO, you might not have the time that needs to be dedicated in order to really grow a blog and make it successful.

Current employee – A current company employee is also a good choice to write blog posts. Again, this person knows about the business, how it is run, your company’s message, and the daily workings of the company. You could also choose to designate several employees in different areas of the company to write for your blog. This way, a reader hears from several different voices. If you are requiring employees to contribute blog posts, make sure that you give them ample time to compose posts, without interfering too much with their everyday tasks.

Employee hired to write blog – companies may hire a writer or several writers to pen their company blog. While this may not be feasible for smaller businesses, it’s certainly something to consider. If you do choose to hire someone specifically for your blog, make sure that they have access to as many aspects of the company as possible, so they can get a good feel for how everything works. Having a dedicated employee can help boost your blog, because they have plenty of time to post frequently and on different topics.

Outsourced writer – there are many freelance blog writers that your company can hire to write blog posts. This can be a big cost savings, as hiring a full time writer can be costly. Typically, freelance writers are paid either per post or per word. If you decide to hire someone from outside of your company to contribute regular posts, it’s important to give them specific guidance as to what you want posted. While this is perhaps a cheaper option, it may take more of your time, as you will need to provide topics and opinions for your blogger to write about.

When choosing a writer for your company blog, it’s important to take many factors into consideration. Think long and hard about who will be the best fit, and be able to dedicate the time and energy to making your blog the best that it can be. If you can find the right writer, your blog should really benefit your business.

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