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Your B2B Buyers Think Your Website Is Hard To Use

Yes, I know B2B buyers are savvy. I know most of them use computers and the Internet in their jobs each and every day. And I’m sorry to tell you, they really do think your website is hard to use.

I’ll give you an example from my own experience. My dryer died a few weeks ago and I’ve been doing research before purchasing a new one. Now I’m not the type to actually purchase a dryer online, but I’m happy to do all my research there.

One of the things I wanted to know is how much the dryer was and whether my local store had it in stock. Finding the local store information and getting it to display on the websites was a huge challenge.

First, they all called it something different. Store locator. Store finder. And my personal favorite, directory. In addition to the different terminology, the links ...


Three Techniques for Better Website Copy

For most B2B marketers, the corporate website is the cornerstone of their marketing program. Search engines crawl it and display the contents. Emails and PPC campaigns drive traffic to it. Social media sites refer to it. Even offline promotions, such as sales letters or postcards, often direct their readers back to the corporate website. So it's important. Huge even. So here's my question.

Is the content great?

If your site is like those filled with corporatese, industry jargon and "repurposed brochures" full of company centric content then the answer is no. Not so much.

And let's face it, a wholesale rewrite is probably the best solution...but we all know that's a big job and too often takes a backseat to redesigns for "refreshing" the corporate look. So in the meantime, consider what these three techniques can do to make your website more prospect friendly and help increase conversions.

Kill the Corporatese

If the infestation is bad, it may not be ...