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K’s Top Five for the Week – November 19

This week my top five picks feature three articles about how to improve your website. Whether its calls to action, landing pages, or making your site mobile-friendly, you'll find something to help your web marketing efforts.

The last couple of picks feature information that can help improve your B2B marketing processes. In both cases it can be small changes that make big differences in how well things are working.

Hope you find something you find helpful. Leave a comment if you’ve found an especially helpful tidbit this week. I’d love to hear about it.

Until next week!

Finding the Right Calls-to-Action for Your B2B Website via @sengineland

If MarketingSherpa research is any indication, most B2B marketers aren’t thrilled with the calls to action on their website. This article gives some good ideas on how to figure out if yours are working and how to improve them.

How to Make ...


K’s Top Five for the Week – November 12

It’s been an amazing week of indian summer here. It doesn’t feel at all like November, but that’s all about to change…

While enjoying the amazing warm weather, I’ve read some great case studies this week. I put those at the top of the list because it’s always fun to see the real results someone got from changing their approach. Also have some posts that show how you can improve marketing copy and results. Hope you find something you like.

Until next week!

Why Companies Need to F-R-E-E Their Case Studies by @casey_hibbard

Great article on what happened for one company when they released their case studies from registration. I’ve always felt case studies are more “first date” content anyway. You don’t want to ask for a ton of information to read them. You want to point readers to more in-depth information through them.

Lead Generation: Real-time, Data-Driven B2B ...


K’s Top Five for the Week – November 5

Sorry for the long absence! As most of you know, I’ve been working on moving my website both to WordPress and to a new domain. I’m happy to report I’m finally finished, and the new site is working beautifully. Plus it’s a dream to maintain and update. Gotta love that!

I’ve really missed blogging over the last couple of weeks, but I’ve still been out checking out the great information other folks are putting out there. So this week I’m back on track with a top five post and next week I’ll be back with some fresh new content as well.

This week’s posts focus on web development myths and maximizing the results your website generates. Hope you find them useful.

Until next week!

5 Web Development Myths Debunked by @HelenaBouchez via @MarketingProfs

Great article on the myths of web development and what really makes it difficult. (It’s not ...


K’s Top Five for the Week – October 1

Boy the weather has turned here in Ohio over the last week. Talk about going from the dog days of summer to fall-time breezes! But I was ready for the change.

If you want to change some thinking and turn assumptions on their head, I’ve got a couple of posts for you. Check out the first two on the pick list.

This week’s other choices give some good data about who’s on your targeted social media site, how to avoid direct mail mistakes and discuss what “engaging” content means. All are great reads.

Enjoy this week’s picks and let me know which ones you found to be most helpful.

Until next week!

Are B2B Marketers Shooting for the Wrong Target? by @jeremyvictor via @B2Bbloggers

If you ask marketers what their biggest challenge is, chance are you’ll hear “getting more high-quality leads.” But is that really the best way to ...


K’s Top Five for the Week – September 24

This week’s top five starts with analysis of a fresh batch of research from Eccolo Media on what B2B Technology Buyers like in their collateral.

It’s followed by some posts on how to be a thought leader and become a trusted expert resource.

All content is meant to have prospects take some sort of action. If you think you may fall short in this area, check out the post on how to improve your calls-to-action.

Last, but not least, see some metrics on the impact of Google Instant.

Enjoy this week’s reads and let me know if you’ve found something you think I’ve missed. Until next week!

B2B Technology Buyers Share Their Content Preferences by @StephanieTilton via @Savvy_B2B

Eccolo Media just released their third annual B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report. In this post Stephanie summarizes the collateral buyers like the most and when they’re most likely to consume it. ...


K’s Top 5 for the Week — September 17

This week’s roundup focuses on content and the way it impacts our businesses and marketing programs.

We start off with a little research and research analysis followed by tips to improve your website and the content it contains.

Have a great read and let me know what you think about this week’s choices. Did I miss anything that would fit well with these posts?

2010 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Trends and Budgets by @juntajoe via @junta42

If you’ve wondered about what tactics B2B marketers use in their content marketing efforts or which industry has the highest level of content marketing adoption, this is the study for you. This study was a collaborative effort between Junta42, Marketing Profs, the Business Marketing Association, and American Business Media. It’s full of great information and you can’t beat the price tag!

New Study Reveals 3 Things You can Learn from Effective Content Marketers by ...


K’s Top 5 for the Week — September 10

Ok. I'll admit I'm a day late. Hopefully I'm not also a dollar short.

Can’t believe how quickly this week flew by…maybe because Monday was a holiday. That sure didn’t stop this from being a busy, busy week.

Here’s a few different posts that should help your B2B marketing program this week. Enjoy!

20 Clues to Find the B2B Content Your Audience Really Wants by @elizabethsosnow via @junta42

We all struggle with making sure the content we create is something B2B buyers really want to see. This post gives some great ideas to brainstorming content ideas that will make your audience sit up and take notice.

Business Casual Video by @dmscott

Want to use more video on your site, but intimidated by what that might mean? Great article by David Meerman Scott on reframing how you think about video.

3 Steps To Get Started With B2B Relationship Marketing via @sengineland



K’s Top 5 for the Week — September 3

It’s been a busy week!

Before I head out for a restful holiday weekend, I wanted to share a few posts that stood out for me this week.

From email subject lines to personas to figuring out which page of your website could be doing more for you, these posts won’t disappoint.

Enjoy and have a great Labor Day weekend!

Email Subject Lines that Won’t be Ignored via @copyblogger

Email is back. It’s an important way to build relationships and nurture your prospects through the buying cycle. Check out this post and see how to write subject lines that will enhance your clickthrough rates.

The Anatomy of a Great Web Persona by @bmassey via @junta42

We’ve all heard of the importance of buyer personas. This post explores how touchpoint personas are different from a typical buyer persona and how they can enhance your marketing program.

The Most Wasted Page on ...


K’s Top 5 for the Week – August 27

Hard to believe another week has flown by!

Here in Ohio it has been sunny and cool, reminding me of school days. And I’ve had lots of opportunities to learn this week.

In fact, I found so many great things that I’ve got six items in my list instead of the usual five.

Check it out!

Marketing Above the Noise by @ardath421

If you have ever struggled with improving your messaging, this is the post for you. In her usual style, Ardath shows how vanilla benefits like “drive revenues” won’t motivate your prospects as much as you think….and how to create benefits that will. Highly recommended.

Content Marketing Group Therapy: What Suggestions Do You Have for This eNewsletter? by @michelelinn via @junta42

I just sat through a preschool orientation for parents discussing how everyone learns differently. For those of you who love the hands-on experience, this is the post for ...


K’s Top 5 for the Week – August 20

I can’t believe it’s the middle of August already. The air is filled with the excitement (and dismay) of the kids getting ready to start school.

Luckily, this week the blogosphere was also filled with lots of posts that gave some great educational tidbits.

Here’s my five picks for this week:

How to Put Together an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing by @michelelinn via @junta42

Editorial calendars are a powerful way to ensure the content you produce is consistent and relevant. They also help you maximize the opportunities to repurpose content and get SEO value. In this post Michele shares a good example of an editorial calendar for marketers.

Customer References Trim the Sales Cycle by @casey_hibbard

A big challenge for B2B marketers is lengthening sales cycles. If you are interested in speeding up your sales cycle, take a look at this post by Casey Hibbard from Stories that Sell.