Top Five

K’s Top Five for the Week – February 20

This week has been another busy one in the world of marketing. Of course, you’ve probably seen the big SEO story about JC Penney engaging in black hat tactics.

But all of the posts around that story weren’t the only interesting things happening.

This week’s roundup includes an article about qualifying online leads, contagious content, and how to make your company blog connect like a personal blog.

There’s also advice on how to know when your marketing needs a makeover and how build a great sales-win story.


How Do You Qualify Leads Generated by B2B Marketing Online via @b2cmktginsider How do you engage with your prospects online? Do you make it easy to qualify them as leads? Here’s a hint: if you’re only asking for a name and email address the answer is no. This article has some advice about the right questions to ask if you’re going to ...