Copywriting Training for Improved Team Performance

Is your team responsible for creating marketing communications? Lead generation campaigns? Website copy?

Could they use a refresher on the best techniques?

Or do you have new hires you'd like to get up to speed?

If so, consider the impact business to business copywriting training could have on your business results.

As someone who is experienced in both B2B copywriting techniques and adult learning principles, I can provide group sessions packed with information your team can use to drive business results. Or if you'd prefer some individual tutoring, let's discuss mentoring opportunities via telephone and e-mail.

B2B Copywriting Training Topics

Training topics include:

  • Copywriting basics
  • Understanding B2B prospects
  • Creating an effective buyer persona
  • Elements of successful B2B copy
  • Tips for completing typical B2B marketing projects
  • Creating effective website copy
  • Utilizing keywords and understanding search engine rankings
  • Social media basics
  • Building strong lead generation campaigns

For more information or to discuss specific training needs, call (614) 595-6799 or send an e-mail.