K’s Top Five for the Week – November 12

The number fiveIt’s been an amazing week of indian summer here. It doesn’t feel at all like November, but that’s all about to change…

While enjoying the amazing warm weather, I’ve read some great case studies this week. I put those at the top of the list because it’s always fun to see the real results someone got from changing their approach. Also have some posts that show how you can improve marketing copy and results. Hope you find something you like.

Until next week!

Why Companies Need to F-R-E-E Their Case Studies by @casey_hibbard

Great article on what happened for one company when they released their case studies from registration. I’ve always felt case studies are more “first date” content anyway. You don’t want to ask for a ton of information to read them. You want to point readers to more in-depth information through them.

Lead Generation: Real-time, Data-Driven B2B Marketing and Sales
by @dmscott via @marketingsherpa

Awesome case study on what happened for one B2B marketer when they had a real-time response for something that happened in their market – the acquisition of a competitor. I don’t want to give it away, but they got some amazing results. Take a look!

Reduce the Risk of Doing Business with You
by @thewhalehunters via @jillkonrath

Don’t skip this one because it’s a post geared toward the sales team. Good B2B marketing has to address concerns, like fear, in order to move prospects through the sales cycle. If you need some ideas on how marketing could make a big difference if positioned well, take a look.

Be Careful What You Ask For
via @junta42

If you believe the premise that good marketing is about engaging your prospects, then you have to also consider how that engagement can be broken. Case in point – the ubiquitous registration form. If you want to build a relationship, you have to be careful what you ask for.

How to Keep Marketing Vs. Sales Alive and Thriving
by @ardath421

Ahh. Anyone who has worked in a B2B company knows the love-hate relationship between marketing and sales. And it’s completely counterproductive. If you want to keep that old vs. mentality alive and well, count on those who can get along to outpace you.

*Image courtesy of sideshowbarker

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