K’s Top Five for the Week – February 6

The number fiveHi everyone,

As you can see I’m back to posting again this week. Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve rounded up five articles that I think you’ll find helpful for this week’s top five. Two handle social media, while the others focus on some email marketing science, website performance, and how to test your value proposition.

Do you find these weekly roundups helpful? Please let me know either via email or in the comments below. My goal is to provide you content you look forward to and enjoy.


5 Tips on Better Facebook Marketing for B2B Companies
via @TopRank
Think Facebook doesn’t matter for B2B? You may want to reconsider. Surveys show customers that follow companies via social media are more likely to buy, and social search is changing the game. This article has great tips on how to make your Facebook fan page excellent.

21 Real Blog Metrics Your Company Needs to Track via @junta42 by @HeidiCohen
Blogs are the original social media. While Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites get a lot more of the hype, blogs really can be the powerhouse tool in your social media marketing mix. As with most social media, many marketers have ROI issues with blogs. This article has some great ideas on metrics to track to show the contribution blogs make.

New Data: You Should Email Your List More Often via @HubSpot
Think that less is more when it comes to emailing your list? Surprisingly, that may not be the case. Check out this post on what the data shows to be true for clickthroughs vs. frequency of sends. Also, there’s a link to the upcoming Science of Email Marketing webinar which looks excellent.

How a Terrible Website Will Increase Your Business via @MarketingProfs
I loved this post. When was the last time you went to a restaurant website and couldn’t get to the menu? Or the location? It happens a lot more than it should. While restaurants were the example for the article, B2B websites violate the “give your customers what they’re actually looking for” rule too.

How To Test Your Value Proposition Using a PPC Ad via @MktgExperiments
Ahh. The old USP. Nothing gives marketers more angst. In this great post, Austin McGraw shows you exactly what a value proposition is and how a PPC can help you be focused and see what actually resonates. Given that everything really should be tested, seems like we should all get started.

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