January 2010

Be Successful with White Paper Marketing in 2010

White papers are powerful marketing tools. When I think of white paper marketing, I often think of B2B companies selling complex products. But the truth is white papers help build your business, communicate with your customers, and find new leads regardless of what your specific product or service is. That's why I'm so excited to tell you about Michael Stelzner's White Paper Success Summit.

Having attended his Copywriting Success Summit last summer, I can tell you these events are packed with valuable information. The fact that you can attend from anywhere just makes them all the more convenient and cost-efficient. This year's White Paper Success Summit will cover topics like:

  • Successfully marketing your business with white papers
  • How to create a successful campaign to market your white papers
  • Using white papers to generate more leads and more sales
  • The seven keys to a successful white paper
  • Proven techniques for using white papers for long-term lead generation ...

Are You Feeding the Cell Phone Habit?

It seems everyone has a cell phone these days. And some of us are more attached than others. When I think of cell phones I often picture my two teenage nieces texting non-stop at family functions, lest they miss something while hanging out with us "old" people. And yes, mobile marketing is still often perceived as something that "only" applies to B2C. (Sound familiar? You're right. That's exactly what B2B companies were saying about social media a year or so ago.) But if you aren't feeding the cell phone habit in your e-mail marketing programs you are missing a big opportunity.

According a to Marketing Sherpa survey, 64% of decision-makers said they regularly view e-mails using a cell phone or other mobile device. That seems to resonate with the professionals I know who are permanently attached to their phones. (The old crackberry joke should have told us that.) Are you optimizing your e-mail programs to ...


Welcome to my blog!

What better way to start the New Year than starting a blog? I'll be writing about all things B2B marketing...copywriting tips, ideas for social media strategy, sharing research, and passing along ideas. I'm a working B2B copywriter and simply love the B2B marketing space. I hope that you find it as much fun to read as I find it to write. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!